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Pedestrian and Road Safety

Orlando continues to be the most dangerous city in the entire country for bicyclists and pedestrians. As a cyclist myself, I know the dangers of biking in our city. We need more walkable and bikeable areas in Orlando. This includes continuing to construct more paths designated for cyclists and pedestrians. The city needs to place these routes not only clearly visible to vehicles but physically separated from traffic lanes. We also need to slow the speed of traffic. The city can achieve this through “Road Diets” which allow for the same volume of traffic but shrink the number and size of lanes, thereby lowering speed limits and allowing more room for bike paths. Lastly, we need shared space intersections in our main street areas. They will make neighborhood centers more walkable and safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Living Wage

I wholeheartedly believe in a livable minimum wage in the City of Orlando. That is why I support efforts to ensure city employees earn a living amount while also only contracting work with businesses who pay their employees a minimum of $15 an hour. I will continually communicate with state legislatures to repeal the preemption laws barring local regulation of wages.

Defending Greenspace

Having plentiful parks and greenspaces in our city is not only necessary to sustain the environment, but the mental wellbeing of our citizens. That is why I will protect the few greenspaces we have left from developers and will work to make our parks more accessible, safe, and enjoyable. Any development will have to conform to the needs and desires of the surrounding community who will be directly impacted.


Orlando is mostly powered by coal. Florida is not a coal-rich, but a sun-rich state. That is why I wish to use public funds to promote the use of renewable energy on public and private property. In doing so, we will invest in green jobs in what I like to call a “Sunshine Economy.” I will also push to limit the amount of pollution in our waterways often caused by sewage dumped by faulty lift stations.


I believe in ending homelessness once and for all. First, I will work to repeal laws criminalizing the presence of the homeless. I will also push to appropriate public funds to provide permanent housing for those in need. In doing so, our city will save money in the long run. This issue is especially important to our LGBTQ+ youth, who disproportionately face homelessness.

Decriminalizing Nonviolent Drug Offenses

The continued criminal prosecution of nonviolent drug offenses has only served to disproportionately place members of our minority communities in jail. I will completely decriminalize nonviolent drug offenses. Rather than treating addiction as a crime, I believe it must be treated like a health crisis. That is why I believe in greater investment in rehabilitation and mental health services.

Jobs Guarantee Program

I believe in establishing a local agency dedicated to hiring any Orlandoans in need of work and paying them a living wage to improve our city. Jobs will include updating our infrastructure, beautifying our greenspaces, transitioning us to a green economy, and increase the performance and staffing of local agencies. This will not only provide good-paying jobs but will also make Orlando a more pleasant place to live for all.

LGBTQ+ Rights

I support all members of the LGBTQ+ Community. I will make public places more gender-inclusive. I will work to create ordinances designed to limit and punish forms of discrimination. I also believe we need more LGBTQ+ specific public services to address the unique needs of the community. This includes public housing opportunities, counseling services, and more inclusive education in our school system.

Ending Food Deserts

Sadly, there are still parts of our city where citizens do not have immediate access to a grocery store. When private companies see our communities as “nonprofitable,” it is our job as a city to serve our citizens. That is why I support creating publicly funded and operated markets in the areas that need it. This will not only provide good-paying jobs to these communities. It will also lessen hunger and improve the health of our citizens.

Universal School Meals

In our state, a majority of students belong to families unable to pay the full price of a school meal. That is why I will communicate with county and school board officials to establish a Universal Free School program. In doing so, I will work to cancel school meal debt held by parents for simply trying to feed their children. I will also propose regulations preventing discrimination against children unable to afford the full cost of a meal while at school.

Mental Health

Mental Health is an issue almost all of us face in our lives. However seeking treatment is often too expensive, inconvenient, or stigmatized against. Rather than relying on police officers to “Baker Act” Orlandoans during a time of emotional crisis, it’s time for us to take a more proactive approach. I support greater access to public Mental Health services so our most vulnerable citizens receive the basic healthcare needs they deserve no matter their income.

Women’s Rights

I believe women should be treated equally as men in society. That is why I will ensure there is an equal pay structure, mandatory parental leave, and rigorous policies and investigations regarding any sexual misconduct in public offices. I also believe in a woman’s right over her own body. That is why I will do anything to ensure women preserve their right to choose by expanding available reproductive services, especially for the underprivileged. I will also work to place strict regulations against the disinformation spread by “Pregnancy Crisis Centers,” who purposefully deceive vulnerable women from receiving the care they deserve.

Policing Reform

I completely agree Black Lives Matter! To have a free and democratic society, citizens must feel safe while in public and at home. Unfortunately, there continue to be incidents where those meant to protect us make certain communities feel less secure. That is why I believe in stopping “Broken Windows Policing,” limiting the use of force, establishing independent investigations into police misconduct, rewriting unfair police union contracts, demilitarization, ending “policing quotas,” and more.

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