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About Samuel

Samuel was born and raised not only right here in Orlando, but specifically District 3. He grew up in a Middle-Class family and began his first job making minimum wage like so many others. He attended local schools such as St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School, Edgewater High School, and Valencia College. As an Eagle Scout from local Boy Scout Troop 28 in College Park, Samuel helped serve our community through volunteer work and the completion of service projects. He is dedicated to a progressive agenda and wants to serve the citizens of Orlando, not special interests.

Knowledge & Experience

  • Samuel graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science with a minor in Population Studies. He later earned a Master’s in American Politics & Policy from the same institution.
  • Samuel has worked in a legislative office where he has experienced and learned how to address the many issues facing our community.
  • While going door-to-door Samuel has directly listened to and understood the unique situations of our neighbors and their visions on how to improve our city.

Main Priorities

Infrastructure Investment
  • Walkable & Bikeable Streets
  • Energy Self-Sufficient Public Buildings
  • Preventing Lift Station Spills
Protecting Greenspace
  • Sustaining and Expanding Neighborhood Parks and Greenspace
  • Preserving Natural Beauty
  • Curbing Urban Sprawl
Housing Security
  • Expanding Rental Assistance and Affordable/Obtainable Housing
  • Ending Homelessness
  • Stopping Gentrification


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